Art Baird Pottery

Wilderness Collection

Expressions in Porcelain

Wilderness Remains #4

4 1/2" x 10"




The bas relief wall pieces I create begin as a slab of porcelain clay. I rough out a design by digging, cutting, and drawing on the soft clay. I'm on a quest to find the patterns and forms hidden inside the slab. As the clay dries and hardens, I carve out and refine the shapes that are revealed to me. When the slab is nearly dry, I can carve the final details and refinements. After the bisque firing, I stain the relief with a mixture of red iron oxide and rutile (a titanium mineral), and finally fire the piece in the gas kiln.

These limited editions of twenty are made from press molds that I cast in latex from the original sculpted relief. I then refine, bisque, stain, and fire the pieces exactly as the sculpted originals are done.


Tree Skeletons #3  

11" x 7 1/2"

Laurentian Shield  #3  

10 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Spy Lake  Remembrance and Longing

9 1/2" x 6"