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Hummingbird feeders


$25.00 each

Each comes with a rubber stopper, glass feeder tube, and instructions.

Colors available:    Midnight Blue,   Shino,    Spruce,   Juniper,  Frost 

Spruce Midnight Blue
Frost Shino Juniper

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The Hummingbird Society

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Fill feeder with a solution of one part sugar to four

parts water. No red food coloring is necessary to

attract the Hummingbirds.

For best results, hang the feeder in a location where

Hummingbirds have previously been seen, perhaps near

flowering perennials or deciduous shrubs. Avoid hanging

the feeder in direct sunlight to minimize dripping. Clean

the feeder regularly with plain warm water. Do not use

soap or detergents. Refilling with fresh solution is

recommended every week to 10 days.